Product introduction
The hydraulic gear puller moves forward directly with the hydraulic starting rod, so the driving rod itself does not rotate.The base of the hook claw can be adjusted forward and backward with the screw thread directly. During operation, as long as the handle swings back and forth with small amplitude, the hydraulic starting lever moves forward, the hook claw moves backward correspondingly, and the object is pulled out.
The new type of hydraulic puller is convenient and labor-saving.The three - claw type and two - claw type can be disassembled and replaced according to the needs of field work.Can freely rotate by pulling the distance piston, can soon encounter the workpiece being pulled.

Working Principle:
It was based on the hydraulic starter bar directly move forward, so the push rod itself does not make the turn. Hook claw seat can be made directly with the thread and controllable pitch forward back, before and after the operation it as long as the handle small amplitude oscillation, hydraulic starting lever forward, claws correspond to retreat, pull the dragged object. Such as the use of the space has allowed. To sum up simple convenient and quick operation.Hydraulic rama is an ideal new tool to replace the traditional rama, which is easy to operate, labor-saving and not limited by the site.
Product Features:
1. The new hydraulic gear puller is easy to operate and labor-saving.
2. Three-claw type and two-claw type can be dismantled and replaced according to site work needs.
3. Flexible in use, light in weight, small in size, easy to carry, suitable for factories, ships and repair places.

Method of Application: 
Hydraulic gear puller is a new ideal tool to replace the traditional tool, which has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible use, easy to carry and operate, and less limited by the site, and is suitable for various maintenance sites.
1. Tighten the oil return valve stem clockwise before use;
2. Adjust the hook claw base to the hook to grasp the pulled object;
3. Flip the piston starting rod back and forth to move forward smoothly, and the hook regress accordingly to pull out the object being pulled;
4. If the extension distance of the piston starting rod is larger than the effective distance of the hydraulic ramming piston starting rod, stop when the extension distance is connected to the effective distance, loosen the oil return valve stem, let the piston starting rod retract, and repeat 1-3 steps after adjustment until it is pulled out;
5. to loosen the oil return valve stem, just slightly loosen the oil return valve by counterclockwise direction.Piston starting rod gradually retreats under the action of spring;
6. The force required to be pulled out of the object shall be estimated before use, and the appropriate puller shall be selected. Overweight use shall be avoided to avoid damage;
7.Hydraulic gear puller work oil to wear resistant hydraulic oil is appropriate, work oil must be clean.
Analysis of common problems of hydraulic puller with threaded screw in traditional hollow cylinder:
1. The claws slip during work, resulting in accidents
2, Puller load, resulting in bending screw into the hollow cylinder, dilemma
3, Pull the partial load, leading to lead screw, claw broken or straight, causing the accident
4. The travel of oil cylinder is too short, which requires multiple positioning to complete the work, which increases the workload without any reason.



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