Hydraulic Gear Puller FYL-150T
Hydraulic Gear Puller FYL-150T-1 Hydraulic Gear Puller FYL-150T-2

Hydraulic Gear Puller FYL-150T

♦ Adjustable jaw retention system.
♦ Only one man required for operation.
♦ Easy to carry and operate, it is widely used by factories, repair stations, etc.
♦ High strength hydraulic system make it easier for pulling large components.


1. Using new type of hydraulic great puller convenient for operating .

2. Workers can exchange two jaws and three jaws freely in the scene working .

3. The puller can be touched working center quickly after rotary according to the distance between puller and piston center .

4. It can choose pump freely .

5. The jaws with three can be adjusted from high to low point .

6. The new type of oil pressure pull wheel tool adopted for easy operation.

7. Traditional ordinary pull wheel leading to great effort needed.

8.Freely rotate. Upon the center point form pull wheel to piston, the center point to be pulled is easily met.