Three in One Busbar Processing Machine
Busbar processing machine with shear, punching, bending, small bending five processing unit, the main function of processing copper, aluminum bus bar of different specification, just use the corresponding processing unit, can be convenient and fast for copper, LvPai shear, punching holes (round hole, waist type), fold flat bend, bend, embossing press, pressing, twist twist, cable joint and other different kinds of processing.Widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, substation, busway, bridge, electrical switches, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis manufacturing and other electrical equipment manufacturing industry.Bus processing machine is a kind of supporting equipment designed by referring to foreign advanced products and combining with domestic practice to improve work efficiency and ensure work safety.Most suitable for making large electric control box and transmission and distribution construction project construction site use.

Main Feature:
The shearing unit adopts universal double-knife shearing, with flat cutting mouth and no burr.
The punching unit adopts high-precision five-arm punching die frame, which prolongs the service life of the die.The operation line of sight is clearer, the use is more convenient and fast, and the production efficiency is obviously higher than the traditional punching unit without replacing the mold.
Hook type open bending station is easy to operate and can be used for special turning small bending, embossing, vertical bending, etc.
Bending unit adopts horizontal machining, which is safer and more convenient.
The three working stations of the machine can work at the same time without affecting each other, greatly improving the working efficiency.
The working stroke of each processing unit can be conveniently adjusted to reduce processing time and improve production efficiency.
The hydraulic oil tank is welded by thick steel plate and treated by phosphating.
Hydraulic hose adopts gb type A connection mode, which is durable and convenient for maintenance.
There will be casters for easy movement.

Main Parts:
Most types of bus processing machines are made up of hydraulic punching machines, hydraulic bending machines, hydraulic cutting tools, hydraulic control systems, etc.
Hydraulic punch
Hydraulic punching machine oil hose with fast connection, sealing reliable, fast, no directional restrictions during operation, easy installation and disassembly, this machine is specially used for punching copper, aluminum row, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries in the field work.
Connect oil pump and working head with quick connector;
Select the corresponding upper and lower mold, install the mold first, then install the mold, install the mold, install the positioning screw to a certain position before installing the mold, be sure to put in place and then tighten the positioning screw can work;
Place the workpiece, step on the foot switch, until the work is completed, step on the foot switch in the opposite direction to punch the upper die automatically return trip, such as punching thin metal plate must be back into the back material pad between the foot frame and the workpiece, otherwise the workpiece will be stuck in the upper die.
Cutting tools
It is arc copper chip when cutting off copper bar, the cut surface is straight and not concave and convex, the speed is fast, no use saw machine, grinder, it is very characteristic product.Suitable for the construction of electric control box and power transmission and distribution project, and will not cause pollution or noise pollution to the working environment.
First connect the male connector with the pump female connector and then bolt it tight;
Place the cut product on the edge of the knife;
Press the pedal switch to make the blade close to the cut product;
Press the foot switch in the opposite direction and the blade will reset automatically.
Bending machine
Bending Angle of copper or aluminum bar is 90°, the bending height is correct, without damaging the copper material.Cb-150d can be opened. When bending a long copper bar, the N or L shape can remove the long bolt, and the whole row can be taken out without hindrance. The bending curve is beautiful and does not wrinkle.In the design, 90° and 45° angles are specified to avoid too large or too small angles.It is suitable for use in the construction site of electric control box and transmission and distribution project, and will not cause pollution or noise pollution to the working environment.
The first step is to connect the pump with the mother step.
Place the folded product on the bending machine;
Pedal Angle to the bending products bending;
Step the foot switch in the opposite direction and reset the Angle mould automatically.
Electric high pressure pump
Electric ultra-high pressure oil pump is completely controlled by electric type. The power supply is 220V and the output is from 0-700kg/cm2 to save time and improve work efficiency.
Suitable for any single hole oil work, such as: L pressing, punching, jack, bending, cutting and other tools, manual control and foot control, you can choose.
Above is what we introduce to you friends about bus processing machine, after you see, is not to learn a lot.I believe that through the introduction of the above, we will certainly have a new understanding of the components of bus processing machine.



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