Working Principle of Hydraulic Pipe Bender

The principle is very simple.Hydraulic pipe bender is composed of cylinder, bracket and mould.The plunger on the main cylinder is connected with the mold, and the two ends of the pipe are fixed on the support. In the middle, the pipe is bent to a certain Angle by the output of the cylinder. There are two different type of the hydraulic pipe bender, one is the manual hydraulic pipe bender, which can operate by itself, and the other one is the electric hydraulic pipe bender, this should mach to the electric pump. So if you need a large work to do, it will be better to choose the electric one, as it will be more effective and easy for working. But if we work in the wild, the manual one will be more convenient, as it do not need the electric and easy to carry the whole set.

Advantages: easy to operate, bending the diameter of the large pipe.
Disadvantages: large diameter pipe can not be bend OK in one time. 



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