Model specification: SYK-8

Product description:

For the finished products that have been painted on the whole of the distribution board, switch box and board gold, the specifications can be changed temporarily. It can simply change the mold size, and the surface will not be damaged after the perforation.

· mold size can be customized according to customer requirements, fast delivery;

· pump with cte-25as, cp-700, cfp-800-1;

· when ordering rectangular and square shapes, make sure to measure the correct size required;

Specification for cylinder with manual pump

● oil cylinder, knife module 1/2 "~ 4", round hole maximum size 200 mm;

● note that the ee-104ii is not included when purchased

● the maximum thickness of iron plate perforation can be up to 3.2mm, and the thickness of stainless steel plate perforation can be up to 2.0mm.

● the maximum empty hole capacity can reach 22mm~ 200mm, but it must be matched with 20Ton of large host head ee-104a output.





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