How To Use Hydraulic Crimping Tool
1. First check whether the pressed terminals and wire specifications match.
2. Choose the mold you want to press, for example, the 240mm2 terminal size, choose the 240mm2 upper and lower mold.
3. Put the molds into the piston and the fixed seat of the molds.
4, hydraulic pump to use: put into the oil return switch tighten in a clockwise direction repeatedly shaking handle, look at the mold, when both upper and lower mold touch in one place means pressure, if the user did not pay attention to continue shaking, the pump has a [open crack sound, this is a safety device, piston stop, this time should be oil switch back to counterclockwise rotation, the piston back to its original position.
Note: if the mould is not installed, it cannot be pressed tightly.To avoid piston and clamp damage.

Hydraulic crimping tool is a kind of hydraulic tools, the main feature is the use of hydraulic principle, generate strong pressure to complete very thick steel cables, cables, high voltage wire riveting, compression.
Hydraulic pressure clamp by tank, power establishment, reversing valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil, institutions, oil pump body by the oil hole, high and low pressure oil pump body, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, the driven gear and a pair of high pressure oil pump and a low pressure oil pump, oil pump body suspended solid in the cap, high and low pressure oil out of the oil hole opening on the pump body, connected to the oil pressure relief valve, eccentric shaft longitudinally Settings, the upper central pivot in the pump body, the bottom fixed eccentric bearing, driven gear fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft, and the dynamic mechanism, high and low pressure oil pump on the suspended solid in the pump body, each has a touch with eccentric bearing for moving parts,The pump cavity of the high and low pressure oil pump is connected with the oil outlet hole of the high and low pressure oil pump respectively.


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