Hydraulic Punchign Tool

Hydraulic punching machine is made by manual or electric pump and the work of two parts, based on the rapid joint connecting hoses, sealing is reliable, fast and omnidirectional restrictions, when working, convenient installation, this machine is dedicated to the Angle iron, flat iron, copper, LvPai and other sheet metal punching, particularly applicable to electric power, construction and other industries in the field site operation.
It is suitable for punching all kinds of steel, iron, copper, aluminum plate, shaped steel, channel steel, i-steel and so on.Hydraulic punching machine is a kind of split hydraulic punching machine and integral punching machine.

Function of CH-60/ CH-70 hydraulic punching machine

Ch-60, CH-70 split-type hydraulic punching machine, specially used for Angle iron,
Flat iron, copper plate and other metal plate drilling, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries in the field operation, with pump CP-700, CP-700-2, CFP-800, DYB-63A

Mold replacement method:
Method of upper mold replacement: use (black) elastic screwdriver to loosen the upper mold (silver white) fixing bolt to the left, slowly remove the upper mold, replace the required upper mold, and then tighten the upper mold fixing bolt to the right with the elastic screwdriver.
Lower die replacement method: use hexagon small wrench to fix the lower die loose screw to the left, and then from the bottom of the lower die, with a finger or small tool from the bottom up the lower die, replace with the upper die matching the lower die, with a small wrench to tighten.Note :The typing side of the bottom module is up but not down.
When replacing the mold, remove the upper mold to facilitate the replacement of the lower mold.


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