Characteristics of Hydraulic Angle Iron Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Angle Iron Cutter is a kind of tool used for cutting angle iron.There are automatic angle iron cutter, and semi-automatic angle iron cutter.It is one of the indispensable equipment for angle iron processing, which is mainly used for cutting off angle iron at fixed length in building construction, bridge, tunnel, power station, large water conservancy project, etc.Compared with other cutting equipment, angle iron cutting machine has the characteristics of light weight, less energy consumption, reliable work and high efficiency. Therefore, in recent years, it has been widely used in machining and small rolling mills and has played an important role in various fields of national economic construction.


(1)This kind of hydraulic Angle iron cutter adopts high-strength alloy tool steel for precision casting and forming, with good quality.
(2)The fracture is smooth, neat and without burrs, with high power. It only takes a few seconds to cut Angle steel
(3)The hydraulic angle ironcutting machine is mainly used for cutting at the construction site of iron tower factory and power transmission and distribution project.



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