One kind of bus processing machine - CNC bus processing machine, mainly used for processing various specifications of copper and aluminum bus in the high and low voltage switchgear and transformer manufacturing industry.
Specific features are as follows:
1. The busbar processing machine is equipped with three processing units of punching, cutting and folding, which can be processed separately or simultaneously by operating the screen or foot switch.
2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be conveniently adjusted, thus reducing processing time and improving production efficiency.
3, bus processing machine bending unit adopts CNC mode, and has memory function;
4. Users can input processing data in advance, and the system calls out data for processing according to the input information;
5, bus processing machine can be processed the workpiece site data at any time into the system, and called out for reuse.
6. The display screen adopts large screen (5.7 inches) color screen display and touch, with password protection function, which can modify unqualified data. If the customer does not use standard workpiece, it can also set the data according to the requirements of non-standard workpiece for processing, which is very convenient to operate.



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